Ohio Lawmaker Fights New Common Core Standards

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An Ohio lawmaker is introducing a bill to block the new federal Common Core education standards.

The Columbus Dispatch reported that Rep. Andrew Thompson, R-Marietta, said local districts and state leaders should be the ones deciding what's best for Ohio students.

In Ohio, districts must be using Common Core this fall, although many have already begun to phase in the new standards, the newspaper reported.

Nationally, a new survey found that most states are going forward with the Common Core standards.

The Center on Education Policy said Wednesday that 37 of the 40 states that responded to its survey considered it unlikely that they would reverse, limit or change their decision to adopt the Common Core education standards.

The new standards for reading, writing and math replace a hodgepodge of educational goals that had varied from state to state.

The federal government wasn't involved in the state-led effort to develop them but has encouraged the project. While proponents say they'll better prepare students, critics worry they'll set a national curriculum.

The Republican National Committee passed a resolution calling the standards an "inappropriate overreach."

The Dispatch reported that Thompson's proposal would repeal Ohio's adoption of Common Core standards, prohibit the state Board of Education from using assessments based on the standards and outlaw any state entity that deals with education from collecting data on students except for limited administrative purposes.

Legislation opposing the standards also has sprung up in other states as well.