Ohio Hit With Spring Snow

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Mother Nature isn't letting up on the winter weather.  Snow this morning left a blanket of white on the ground.   And some think it's a cruel joke.

Central Ohio got some mixed signals this morning.    The calendar says it's spring, but Mother Nature says not so fast.

Winter jackets, scarfs and snow boots; that was the call at this bus stop in Worthington.  

Erin Curtiss had to rethink the wardrobe for her and her kids today considering the past couple of days it was in the 70's.

“Well I didn't really enjoy digging out my boots and hats this morning, but I guess we have one more day of cold.”

Since its spring, some people had already hoped the snow had stopped, but clearly that's not the case.  

There was enough for the morning snow to stick on the ground.   But for some people, they were kind of happy that winter had its last hurrah.

Just ask Beth McCreary.

“I was kind of glad to have one last opportunity to walk with my girls in the snow to school.  So this wasn't so bad for us.”

Things did get bad around five this morning when the snow came down heavy and the wind blew hard.   It was only a matter of time before cars were covered and the green grass started turning white.  

When it was over, winter left its mark - but only for a moment.   

Temperatures are expected to rebound on Wednesday into the 50s.