Ohio Has More Potty Mouths Than Any Other State


A new study suggests people in Ohio swear more than any other state. Marchex Institute used data gathered from over 600,000 phone calls obtained from recordings the people consent to when calling various businesses.

The institute used new technology to isolate curse words in the call.  That information was then cross-referenced against the state the calls were placed from to determine which state had the dirtiest mouths.

The results suggested Ohioans swear far more than people in any other state.  In fact, Ohioans swore in one of about every 150 phone conversations.

The states found to swear the least included Washington, where cursing occurred on average in about one out of every 300 conversations. That means Ohioans tend to swear about twice as much as people living in Washington.

Coming in 2nd through 5th were Maryland, New Jersey, Louisiana, and Illinois.  Marchex says 66 percent of cursing came from males.  

Marchex also tried to measure which state was the most courteous, including the use of "please" and "thank you".   Ohio escaped being called the worst state in this category. 
Wisconsin was the least courteous, followed by Massachusetts, Indiana, Tennessee and then Ohio.

The most courteous states were South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, Louisiana, and Georgia.