Ohio Growers See Solid Pumpkin Crop Despite Rains


Pumpkin-picking time has arrived, and Ohio growers say plenty are available despite crop losses caused by bouts of heavy rain.

Ohio State University Extension educators tell The Columbus Dispatch too much rain at peak blooming times caused problems. It limits pollination, causes flooding and leads to root rot from water mold. The educators say some regions lost as much as 30 percent of their crop.

Paul Fleitz of Fleitz Pumpkin Farm in Oregon, Ohio, tells The Blade in Toledo that production will be solid but can't compare to last year's bumper crop.

This season has been better for some than others. In Amherst, Leslie Gede tells The Morning Journal of Lorain that the weather at Gede Fruit Farm has been near-perfect for pumpkins.

Ohio is among the top pumpkin-producing states.