Ohio Governor Delivers State Of The State

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Ohio Governor John Kasich began his fourth State of the State speech with a promise to cut more taxes.
Kasich proposes driving the state's overall rate below 5 percent.
Kasich says he wants to cut Ohioans' personal income taxes and the taxes paid by small businesses.
Kasich announced the proposal Monday during his annual State of the State speech held this year in Medina.

Kasich also announced a significant change in funding for higher education.

"They will only get paid if students complete courses or get degrees," said Kasich.  "No more wandering around. This is a big deal for our students and our schools."

Under the plan, colleges and universities will only get paid if students get degrees.

Kasich also went all-in on the controversial Jobs Ohio agency.   He pointing to job growth in the state over the past three years.

"We saw that proof again last year when Chief Executive magazine said Ohio has the most improved business climate in the nation and we have to keep it up," said Kasich.

In this election year, Democrats were quick to condemn Kasich's record especially over his budgets.

Governor Kasich also presented his annual courage awards to three women who survived their decade-long imprisonment in a Cleveland house.

View that medal ceremony here.