Ohio Flags Of Honor Remembers Ohioans Who Died In Iraq And Afghanistan

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Jim Seymour is part of a group no parent wants to join.

“He was killed June 9, 2005.  He was on patrol with a weapons company they got hit with an IED," said Seymour.

Seymour lost his son Lance Corporal Devon Seymour when he was killed in Iraq.

Today, Seymour honors his memory along with 250 other Ohioans who lost their lives in a traveling memorial called Ohio Flags of Honor.

It is a sea of red, white and blue flags. Each one has the name of a fallen Ohio veteran placed on a white plastic pole.

The flags are planted six-feet apart on the front lawn of Tri-Village Christian Church in Pataskala.

“We don't want them to be forgotten,” said Seymour.

The memorial is the work of Ginio Zimmer of Hilliard who decided to build this memorial after he and his wife learned they’d lost a son to war in 2004.

“When they come to your door you know they are not coming to bring good tidings,” said Zimmer.

At first, the memorial with just a single flag honoring his son.  But Zimmer wanted to do more.

“I want to honor them all," said Zimmer.

As the nation prepares for Veterans Day, Seymour wants people to remember the sacrifice his son and others gave to the country.

“Freedom is never free, never has been and never will be," he said.

The Oho Flags of Honor memorial visited 13 cities in Ohio this year.