Ohio Environmentalists Tell New York To Keep Its Fracking Waste

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Ohio environmentalists say fracking waste is a growing problem in the state.

Cheryl Johncox from the Buckeye Forest Council said that the process of fracking pumps millions of gallons of water, sand and chemicals in deep wells.

“The state government gets a pittance from this process of disposing in the state of Ohio,” Johncox said.

Ohio’s growing shale-drilling industry has created a boom for the business that takes fracking waste.

The number of disposal wells in Ohio will leap from 179 to 208 in less than a year, and that number is expected to keep growing.

Most of the waste that is dumped in Ohio comes from neighboring Pennsylvania, but that soon could change.

“If New York opens up, and we start to see a flood of New York waste,” Johncox said.

Ohio environmentalists have sent a letter to New York’s governor Andrew Cuomo, asking him to block shipments of future waste from his state.

Cuomo said he is working on putting together a policy on fracking.

The letter was mailed on the same day federal charges were filed against an oil and natural gas drilling company accused of dumping more than 20,000 gallons of fracking waste in northeast Ohio.

The company is the same one tied to a series of earthquakes that rocked the Youngstown area in 2012.

Johncox says it’s another reason why more waste should be denied.

“We have assurance that Ohio will be a target for their waste to be delivered,” Johncox said.

A spokesman for the Ohio oil and natural gas industry says that if you don't have "waste" you don't have a drilling industry in Ohio.

Fracking proponents argue injection wells are the safest place to store waste until technological improvements in the future.

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