Ohio 'Dirty Bieber Bandit' Gets Early Release, Fights Heroin Addiction

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An Ohio man whose heroin addiction drove him to rob a bank at 18 to pay his debts says he plans to stay clean after his early release from prison.

Clay Kilpatrick warns that people should avoid heroin at all costs, saying it's a powerful drug that leads to addiction after just one try.

A Franklin County judge approved the 21-year-old Kilpatrick's release Dec. 13 with the support of prosecutors. Kilpatrick is clean, on probation with a job arranged by his father and intends to leave the world of drugs behind.

The FBI had dubbed him the "Dirty Bieber Bandit" because a witness said he looked like Justin Bieber, "only dirty."

Attorney General Mike DeWine calls heroin abuse an epidemic killing at least 11 Ohioans a week.