Ohio Department Of Health Inks New Rules For Tattoos & Piercings

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For the first time in more than 20 years, the rules for receiving tattoos and body piercings are being re-drawn in Ohio.

Hannah Holstein has been thinking about getting her nose pierced for a long time, and today, she made it happen at Piercology.  Her piercing is just one of about 30 artists performed on Tuesday.  Getting a piercing or tattoo is a growing trend - and beginning September 1 - new rules for all tattoo and piercing shops will take effect.

Patrick McCarthy is president of the New Association Of Body Art Professionals and owner of Piercology.  He helped write up the new rules with the Ohio Department of Health.

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When it comes to ear piercings, there are changes for what tools can be used and where.  “No longer are you allowed to pierce anything but ear lobes at the mall with an ear-piercing gun,” McCarthy explains.

There will also be much tighter restrictions on what type of jewelry that can be used for piercings and better tracking on the inks and dyes used for tattoos. 

The new rules were put into place to keep up with the times.  About 10 years ago, only 14 percent of Americans had tattoos.  Now, up to 50 percent of Americans have a piercing or tattoo, according to McCarthy.

Artist Ben Riffe says bikers and convicts used to be the ones receiving tattoos.  “Now it’s soccer moms and teeny boppers,” he says.  However, Riffe agrees the stricter guidelines will help keep the booming body art industry safe and keep clients happy.

The Ohio Department of Health says it has trained local health inspectors to make sure the new rules are followed.