Ohio Congressman Questions Whether Navy Yard Was Undersecured To Save Costs


The shootings at the Navy Yard near the U.S. Capitol on Monday has lead Ohio Congressman Mike Turner (R-Dayton) to question whether the facility was properly secured.

"Shortly after this tragedy occurred,an Inspector General report was delivered to Congress that cited failure across the Navy security system for access to these type of facilities," said Turner.  "It said the people that worked there were at risk and in fact cited 52 felons who had been able to get through the system inappropriately."

Turner, who serves on the House Armed Services Committee, has requested that the Inspector General answer whether the Navy implemented an unproven security system in order to cut costs.

"We want this audit to be public so that we can begin the process of reviewing did this contribute and did it have an impact on what occurred yesterday," said Turner.

Turner's congressional district includes Wright Patterson Air Force base near Dayton.

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He says questions will be asked by Congress on why and how the suspected gunman Aaron Alexis got into the Navy with a background of violent behavior.

"Congress is returning to Washington today, and part of our oversight function will be to review this individual and also the system that is currently in place," said Turner.  "The Inspector General report cites failures across the system with the Navy and I think that's something that people will be concerned about."
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