Ohio Cities Not Among Most Religious In Country


The Gallup organization has conducted a nationwide survey, and Ohio's largest metropolitan areas are not among the most religious in the country.

In a survey of 189 metropolitan areas, Cincinnati tops Ohio's list at 71st.

Just over 41 percent of Cincinnati area respondents say they are "highly religious." Twenty-nine percent say they were "moderately religious." And 29.6 percent are "not religious."

That compares to No. 1 Provo-Orem, Utah, which found 77.2 percent are "highly religious."

Cincinnati is the only Ohio city to land above the national average of 40 percent who say they "very religious."

Gallup says most of the religious cities are in the South, with the exception of Provo, Ogden-Clearfield, Utah, and Holland-Grand Haven, Michigan.

The least religious cities are mostly clustered in the Northeast and on the Pacific Coast.

For the other Ohio cities:

Dayton ranks 89th on the list with 38.8 percent who say there are "highly religious."  More than 32 percent say they are "moderately religious."  Just over 28 percent said they are "not religious."

Toledo comes in at 94th with 38.7 percent who say they are "highly religious."  Twenty-six percent are self-described "moderately religious.” and 34.7 percent are "not religious."

Columbus is 109th on the list with 36.3 percent saying they are "highly religious,” 29.3 percent "moderately religious” and 34.4 "not religious."

Akron is 112th with 36.2 percent saying they are "highly religious,” 29.3 percent "moderately religious" and 36.0 percent "not religious."

Finally, Cleveland ranks 137 of 189 with 34.4 percent saying they are "highly religious."  Just more than 33 percent said they are "moderately religious,” and 32 percent say they are "not religious."

The least religious metros in the country are Burlington, Vermont and Boulder, Colorado.

In Burlington, 63 percent of respondents say they are "not religious." In Boulder, 61 percent say there are "not religious."

Gallup says those living in the South and in Utah are two or three times as likely to be very religious as those living in other parts of the country.

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