Ohio BBB Officials Warn Of Health Care Scams

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The Better Business Bureau says crooks are trying to use the implementation of the Affordable Care Act as a way to steal identities.

Officials say the scammers are calling people and pretending to be from the federal government. They tell the person who answers that they have been selected to receive insurance cards from the government.

They then ask for bank account and Social Security information.

One central Ohio person who was targeted told the BBB that the caller had "a very heavy accent, and the room he was calling from was very loud and he could hear other callers." That person hung up on the man before giving out information.

The BBB offers the following tips to people who experience healthcare scams:

• Hang up the phone. If you get one of these calls, just hang up. You may be tempted to call back, but this will only give the scammer another opportunity to steal your information. Also, be sure not to press any buttons that the scammer instructs.
• Never give out personal information. Never give out your bank account numbers, date of birth, credit card number or Social Security number.
• Don't rely on caller ID. Some scammers are able to display a company's name or phone number on the caller ID screen. Don't trust that the information you see is true.
• The government rarely communicates via phone calls. Most of the time, the government uses traditional postal mail to communicate with consumers. The government rarely calls, emails or texts, so you should view such contacts as suspect if they claim to represent the government.