Ohio Approves Medicaid Expansion

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The state Controlling Board approved state Medicaid expansion by a 5-2 vote on Monday.

The seven-member state Controlling Board approved Kasich's request to authorize spending federal money on the newly eligible
Medicaid enrollees in the state.

The GOP-controlled Legislature so far has resisted Medicaid expansion.

The panel includes two Democrats and a Kasich appointee who are expected to favor the request. That leaves the governor in search
of a single vote among his fellow Republicans.

Gov. John Kasich had said he was optimistic ahead of a legislative panel vote on whether the state will extend Medicaid coverage to more Ohioans under the federal health care law.
The Republican made the comments Friday at the Cleveland Clinic, using the well-known hospital to make a final public push for
Medicaid expansion. He was joined by advocates who support expansion.