Ohio Agency Continues To Deny Request For Records Related To Daycare Questions

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At the Ohio Department of Job and Family services, 10 Investigates has found that nobody's making it easy to track your tax dollars.

Those dollars flow to tax subsidized daycares like Global, National and WAISS. Last week 10 Investigates reported billing irregularities at those daycares. The centers could be over-charging taxpayers. It’s an industry that received more than $564 million in tax dollars last year.

The 10TV review of ODJFS billing data showed the daycares backdating billing records at high rates. It also showed Global and National billing for kids checked in at two daycares at the same time.

When 10 Investigates tried to question the ODJFS about the results, the office told 10TV that the data it supplied was wrong.

Spokesman Ben Johnson told us the files were corrupt, but only said that after 10TV pointed out flaws. Johnson said the data errors were caused because 10 Investigates requested too many records. He also flatly rejected other requests for public records that could explain how widespread the problems are.

Greg Lawson is with a well-known government watchdog group that often makes large data requests.

“Very difficult to understand how you would, why you would not just want to open the doors, disinfect everything, let everybody see it.  And if there's challenges, let's deal with it,” said Lawson.

Lawson isn't alone. Other experts 10 Investigates spoke to question the state's claim that the data was bad. When 10TV pushed for examples of error logs or IT findings of bad data, ODJFS could not provide any.

10 Investigates pushed again. Investigative reporter Paul Aker hand delivered requests for records ODJFS has already denied. The records, according to state law, should be released. Repeated requests for interviews have been denied.