Officials Take Preventative Measures Ahead Of Sub-Freezing Temperatures

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The major arctic front will quickly drop temperatures nearly 30 degrees and because of that, city officials are issuing warnings and cancelling classes.

Everyone from the mayor's office to the EMA, to city schools are taking preventative action against the sub-zero temperatures and wind chills.

The wind chills prompted the cancellation of Columbus Public Schools tomorrow. Normally the district would wait until the early morning hours to make that decision however, the forecast predictions are just too severe to take a chance.  

Mayor Michael Coleman sent out a tweet that read "don't forget to check on elderly family, friends and neighbors, and if you have pets, bring them indoors."

The Ohio Department of Health urged Ohioans to remain vigilant.  In the last 12 days there have been nearly 40 emergency room visits related to cold exposures, hypothermia or frostbite.

The roads are also expected to be slick.  Right now 100 ODOT snow plows are on duty throughout the night to ensure interstates, state and U.S. routes are safe and passable. ODOT reminds drivers to take it slowly on ramps, bridges and overpasses because they freeze first.

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