Officials Shoot, Kill Coyote Found Near Elementary Schools

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A coyote was shot and killed by police Friday morning after it was spotted near several east side elementary schools.  

The first sighting was reported around 8 a.m. near Scottwood Road and Wakefield Court West.

Stanford Walker was putting his children on the bus when he spotted the animal.

"I saw what I thought was a very ugly dog at first, it come from these people's homes. I got a better look: bushy tail. It was a coyote," said Walker.

Students at Berwick Alternative Elementary school were moved inside after the animal was reported.

Neighbors say it's not the first time the coyote had roamed through the neighborhood.

Ohio Wildlife Officer Brad Kiger responded to the scene. He says it's not unusual anymore to find the animals in populated areas.

"For one, coyotes are very adaptable, so what happens is coyotes are taking to the urban setting, there's different food sources," said Kiger.

Kiger said the animals are getting used to people.

Authorities tried to catch the coyote, but it was not an easy task. They tracked the animal as it headed north and warned residents along the way.

It neared Maryland Elementary School in Bexley, which was too close for comfort for the officials watching the animal.

On advice from the State Division of Wildlife, police shot and killed the animal, although the state officials told 10TV that it was likely no threat.

No injuries were reported.  

Watch 10TV and refresh for the latest news.

Watch 10TV and refresh for the latest news.