Officials Search For Parents Charged In Connection With 16-Month-Old’s Death

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A Franklin County mother and father are wanted, charged in the death of their 16 month old daughter.

What investigators say their child endured is horrific.

The Franklin County Sheriff's Office said that the baby died after being left unattended for nearly 10 hours in a bedroom with a space heater turned on.

The Medfield Way apartment where Michael Wilder, 29, and Greta Sahatciu, 23, lived with their 3 children has been cleared out.

Neighbors say maintenance crews removed their belongings Monday and tossed them into a dumpster.

They say the couple hasn't been seen since June 29, when they rushed their 16 month old daughter Maiya to Doctor's Hospital.

"The child had a body temperature- a core temperature when it came to the hospital- of 106 degrees," says Franklin County Sheriff Zach Scott.

Maiya was transferred to Nationwide Children's Hospital, where she died two days later.

Sheriff Scott says the parents told investigators they had left her alone for 10 hours while they took sleeping pills and slept in another room.

Sheriff Scott says it was another mistake by the father that took the situation from concerning to catastrophic.

"The device that he had was like a fan or a heater, it could go either way, and so he's telling them that he put the heat on the child accidentally when he meant to put the fan on.  And unfortunately by putting that on the child and leaving the child alone for 10 hours in the master bedroom, it pretty much died from heat stroke."

Scott says investigators went inside the home to recreate the scenario just as Michael Wilder described it, and the outcome was horrifying.

"They were able to generate about 127 degrees Fahrenheit of heat that would have been blowing on that child, 10 hours long," says Scott. "It's horrendous to see this happen to a child."

Two other children are in the care of Children Services.

Michael Wilder is charged with involuntary manslaughter and child endangering.

Greta Sahatciu is charged with child endangering.

Anyone with information on their whereabouts is asked to call the Franklin County Sheriff's Office Detective Bureau at 614-525-3351.

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