Officers Arrest Man Convicted Of Stabbing On Parole Violation


A man who has already served more than ten years in prison for attempted murder and escape - is back behind bars again.

Richard Harrell, 38, has been in and out of custody since being released following his attempted murder sentence.

Harrell most recently got out of prison two months ago, but police said he was violating his parole, which is why they acted on Wednesday.

Officers swarmed a northeast Columbus neighborhood with guns drawn after Harrell was trailed in the U-Haul he was driving.

Harrell ditched the truck in the 2000 block of Drake Street and took off on foot before being brought into custody.

“The Strategic Response Unit, they don’t have to take dispatch runs,” said Columbus Lt. Dave Davidson. “This is exactly what they’re trained to do. We rely on them. At first we thought we might have a pursuit. That is when the patrol unit got involved to assist them.”

Harrell’s sister talked to 10TV about being caught in the middle of the scene.

"We got back last night from Alabama, and they were actually following us today, and [Richard] asked us to drop him off somewhere, and before we got there, there were cops everywhere,” said Angie Carpenter.

Harrell was out on parole on the attempted murder conviction from 2000 and, most recently, for an escape conviction.

But Harrell recently returned from out of state.

"I understand he did wrong, but I don't understand the whole situation, because they caught him in Alabama and they let him go,” said Carpenter.

Carpenter said Harrell violated his parole to work for a carnival out of state.

"Alabama police came and got him and they said Ohio did some type of paperwork wrong, so they let him go, and they told him to get back to Ohio to talk to his probation officer,” she added.

Carpenter said her brother’s attempted murder conviction came when he stabbed a man, who he thought was a girl, when they went out on a date. Carpenter said it’s something he wishes he could take back.

She said her brother has struggled with his parole to try to move on with his life.

"He had stabbed someone, and yeah, he is remorseful. It was a long time ago. And like I said, he served his time for it, but I know it doesn't make it right. But it made it hard for him,‘cause every time he gets out, it’s hard for him to get a job or anything,” she said.

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