Officer Under Investigation For Allegedly Assaulting Woman Has History Of Similar Incidents


10TV News has learned that a Columbus police officer who is under investigation for allegedly assaulting a woman and holding her at gunpoint while off duty has allegedly done it before.

Randall Lyons, 42, is accused of holding several teenagers at gunpoint back in 2011.

"He said if he (expletive) moved, he was going to stomp their face in," said Shirley Bryant, who recalled what Lyons told the teens.  

Bryant says she witnessed Lyons hold the teenagers at gunpoint and threaten them because another child, who was the daughter of his then-girlfriend, was injured by a BB gun.

Bryant filed a citizen complaint, and the incident was investigated by internal affairs.

Lyons was disciplined for violating a department policy to "avoid direct enforcement actions in situations in which they have a personal interest," according to his personnel file.

Crystal Curenton expressed similar fears last week when she says Lyons threatened her at gunpoint in front of her two children at the intersection of South Hamilton Road and Livingston Avenue.

She says he was off duty and didn't immediately tell her he was a police officer.

"He blocked my truck in right here at the light and jumped out with his gun and telling me put your truck in park and shut your car off," said Curenton.

She says Lyons then pulled her out of the truck and held her at gunpoint again.

Lyons has been on desk duty since the Sept. 2 incident while internal affairs officials complete an investigation into his conduct.

Lyons has been disciplined on several other occasions for violations, including unbecoming conduct, failure to comply with a direct order and profanity.

He has also received numerous awards including a blue star, five medals of merit and two for distinguished service.

Lyons has not been criminally charged and remains on desk duty without his badge and gun.

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