ODOT Investigating Claims That Concrete Fell From Overpass, Onto Family's Vehicle

ODOT Investigating Claims That Concrete Fell From Overpass, Onto Family's Vehicle

ODOT Investigating Claims That Concrete Fell From Overpass, Onto Family's Vehicle

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Ohio Department of Transportation officials were out Monday working to make sure drivers are safe along Interstate 270.
Workers were investigating claims that concrete fell from an overpass onto a SUV while it drove along a northeast Columbus highway.
Angie Brickley said she was driving north on Interstate 270 near the state Route 62 exit with six teenage passengers when the chunk of rock fell from above on Saturday. Three of the girls suffered minor injuries.

"Here are two pieces found in my wife's SUV after something catapulted through the windshield," said Mark.

The Dodge Durango has shards of shattered glass and pieces of concrete still lying inside.

The couple said their daughter had an injury to her arm, and another girl had to get some stitches in her head. Another passenger has been complaining of stomach pain.

They said thankfully none of the injuries are life-threatening.

Mark has taken pictures, trying to get to the bottom of what happened.

"You can see a fresh area, right there, that has fallen over the middle lane and appears to be the same concrete in our vehicle," he added. "I've got to give all the credit to my wife, Angie, for handling this and keeping it together. She's emotionally stressed about the situation. It's been tough."
ODOT representatives were called to the area to inspect the bridges on Monday. The representatives said that they would create an assessment from their inspections of the bridges.
Currently, ODOT says there is no evidence to support that the concrete came from an overpass.

The Brickley's said something must be done now.

"That's what scares me the most -- somebody -- anybody - could get injured. I had six girls. It could happen to anybody," said Angie.
10 Investigates looked at potential problems with aging overpasses in central Ohio.
On one state-owned overpass in downtown Columbus, 10 Investigates found metal peeling, concrete that has fallen and even a hole at the end of the bridge.

People who travel the area said it was dangerous.
Some residents told 10 Investigates that it needs to be fixed before someone was injured.

It wasn't the only spot. At several spots, 10 Investigates found exposed metal, peeling concrete, holes and fallen debris.

At one point on state Route 315, 10TV found a big chunk of concrete that appeared to have fallen from a bridge above.
The Ohio Department of Transportation declined to put a spokeswoman on camera to answer questions.

The spokeswoman said that the bridges are inspected "annually, which is more than federal guidelines require."

She said that the department is "responsive" when it finds problems.

But debris has fallen off ODOT bridges in the recent past.

In 2010, 10TV reported about a piece of metal that landed just inches from a passing truck as it fell from the Interstate 71 overpass near Stringtown Road.
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