ODE Subpoenas Records For Current & Former CCS Employees Amid Data-Scrubbing Scandal


Columbus City Schools is gathering the personnel and disciplinary files for several current and former employees, including former schools superintendent Doctor Gene Harris.

The files will be given to the Ohio Department of Education, which subpoenaed the district for the records.

The letter sent to Columbus Superintendent Doctor Dan Good spelled out what needed to be turned over to the Department of Education: a copy of each person's personnel file, disciplinary file, investigative records on the person and any witness statements, including transcripts, about the person.

The subpoena also asks the district to provide any emails pertaining to withdrawing students, changing grades and the failure to properly account for students' attendance.

However, the letter also says no inference should be made that the individual named in the subpoena is, or is not, the subject of an Office of Professional Conduct investigation. 

Some of those named are not new to the data-rigging scandal but there are some new names listed and roughly half are current principals or assistant principals.

It's also the first time 10TV has obtained documents that show an investigator has requested information about former superintendent doctor Gene Harris.

10TV reached out to Dr. Harris for comment but no one was home.