Obama’s Gun Control Plan Sparks Debate Among Central Ohio Residents


The inventory of 40 semi-automatic rifles is gone at the Gun Envy store.

“In two days, we sold every one we had in inventory,” said owner Jonathan O’Connor.

The run on firearms is largely due to the perception that the president wants to limit the rights of gun owners.

“I think it’s fear people will have rights taken away from them,” added co-owner Neil Kern.

The president wants to limit ammunition magazines to 10 bullets per clip and wants congress to reinstate a ban on assault weapons.

But the owners of this store said the law in penalizing those who don't commit crimes.

“They get accused of being these high capacity killing things. It's just handy to have 30 rounds when you're out at the range and you don't have to keep reloading,” said O’Connor.

That's not how some Ohioans see it.

“They are people killers. (There’s) no reason to have them if you want it for sport shooting let the gun range owner have them there,” said Marian Harris, Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence.

Harris said the argument that the president is trying to eliminate the second amendment is absurd.

“I don't think there's a slippery slope we're not out to take anyone's guns away we're just trying to restrict or contain this gun violence in this country,” said Harris.

Both sides do agree on some of the president's ideas.

They like the idea of mandatory background checks for anyone who sells a gun and increasing penalties for those who use a gun in a crime or who sell guns illegally.

But restricting one's right to buy any gun remains a point of contention..

“We lose the second amendment, we might as well kiss the other one’s goodbye,” said Kern.

The gun debate is driving gun sales through the roof with some stores limiting the amount of boxes of ammunition one person can buy.

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