Obama Touts Jobs, Stimulus Success At Youngstown Plant

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President Barack Obama on Tuesday lumped Republicans together as a "just-say-no" crowd when it comes to the economy when he visited the V & M Star, a pipe and tubing manufacturing plant.

In prepared comments, Obama defended the stimulus spending, tax cuts and tax credits on his watch. He said the economy is rebounding, 10TV's Andy Hirsch reported.

Obama was quick to tell the crowd of mostly blue collar workers that his administration has made some difficult and unpopular decisions.

"I invite anybody who thinks we shouldn't have taken those actions that we took last year, or made those investments, to come to Youngstown," Obama said.

The plant is creating 350 jobs with help from $20 million in federal stimulus money and the White House said infrastructure improvements will lead to 400 more construction jobs, Hirsch reported.

Obama also talked about the move to bail out the failing auto industry, but touted the decision as a success, saying more plants like the GM facility in Lordstown, Ohio, would be closed.

The plant plans to bring back a third shift, Hirsch reported.

"I knew those steps would be unpopular, even in Ohio, even in Michigan, even in auto making states," Obama said. "If we hadn't acted more people in the Valley, more people in Ohio, more people across America would be out of work today."

Republicans and Democrats said they agree that getting the country back on its feet means putting politics aside.

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