Nursing Student Helps Man in Desperate Need


A nursing student's knowledge came in handy and may have saved a life.

The emergency happened outside Luke Miller's apartment at Olentangy Commons Monday afternoon.

Miller said he was studying hard for his nursing licensure when his dog Nala began barking incessantly.

"She goes over to the window and she's just making noise and keeps barking and barking and barking. I'm like okay someone's out here just kids or something," he said.

Miller said he went to see what all the commotion was about around the driver of a gold car that was parked in the road.

He said he quickly realized his nursing skills would be crucial to the situation.

"He was just sitting there slumped over in the seat, I checked his pulse and nothing and watched his chest and there was no rise and fall," said Miller, who immediately began chest compressions while witnesses called 911.

He said once paramedics arrived, the driver had a faint pulse and was rushed to the hospital.

10TV has learned the driver is an employee at The Forum at Knightsbridge.

The assisted living home is just around the corner from Miller's Olentangy Commons community.

He said he hopes his actions not only helped save a life, but also serve as a reminder to others.

"If you see someone who needs help, help, it feels good to know that I'm in a community to get out of their routine to see if someone needs a hand," said Miller.