Numbers Game: Giant Eagle Re-Inventing Healthier Shopping

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Giant Eagle has new numbers tagged to its food, and everything from condiments to casseroles could be affected.  It’s a process designed to help re-invent the way we shop.

Giant Eagle Dietitian Paula Monaco says the new numbers are like a schoolteacher’s grading system.  “Underneath, you're also going to see some comments on it,” she explains.

The supermarket giant hired the company nuVal to help make shopping for food by its nutritional value easier.  It uses brand new research and a number system: the higher the number, the better nutrition of the food.

For example, the latest nutritional studies now show dairy products rate higher because some of the fats found in milk aren't as unhealthy for consumers.

Other big changes include protein content.  “Now we differentiate between a low quality protein and a high quality protein,” explains Monaco.

If your doctor says you need more fiber and calcium in your diet - with fewer calories – it is now right on the tag.

Giant Eagle shopper Taylor Crandall is learning right in the aisle.  He says eating healthy is very important to him now that he has a young daughter.

However, Monaco says shoppers aren’t always looking to the highest number when shopping.  “They're just in general looking for a higher number than they normally choose.”

Giant Eagle says it's important not to cross aisles and try to compare.  For example, the store recommends against comparing items like crackers that score a 20 to cookies that score a 10.  Keep it to the same food groups to get an accurate comparison.