Northwest Columbus Woman In Fear After Crime Spree


A recent crime spree in a northwest side neighborhood has left one person with concerns about her safety.

A woman who asked not to be identified for fear of being targeted told 10TV News that her concerns began six weeks ago when her condominium was burglarized.

She said she had not had any previous problems at the Lakes at Bethel Park since moving there with her mother five years ago.

Since the burglary, the woman said someone has siphoned gasoline from cars in her driveway, thrown stones at her vehicles, and scrawled profanity on her home.

Graffiti of a graphic nature covered an entire side of her home.

"It's terrorizing because the handwriting is specific, meaning me," she said.

The resident said she felt she was being targeted because she lives on a corner lot from which access to Bethel Road was recently restricted.

"We think it's all because the homeowners' association put this fence up and cut off kids and gangs cutting through onto our property," she said.

Security cameras have now been installed.

The resident said she would still not feel safe in the neighborhood.

 "We do need to move because it's not what we bought into and what we bargained for," she said.

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