Northwest Columbus Renters Forced out of Apartments after Water Line Break


Frustrated renters inside a northwest Columbus apartment complex say a water break due to frozen pipes has left their homes uninhabitable.
It's all happening at the Quarry off Dublin Road where the sprinkler system in 30 apartments broke on Tuesday.

The apartment manager says it's offered to pay for residents to stay in hotel rooms for as long as it takes to get their apartments livable again. Residents say it wasn't an offer, but something they had to demand.

“So the initial flooding started happening here in the guest room," said Julianne Mazola an Ohio State student living in the Quarry Apartments.

She says she'll never forget the sound of water in her apartment.

“It kind of sounded like a waterfall inside the walls and then it started to come up through the floors," Mazola said.

That was Tuesday night and her apartment she says is still not fit to live in.
“ I know myself and some of my neighbors have had headaches and a little bit of a cough," she said. "I went home to live with my parents for the weekend."

Management gave some humidifiers to dry out the air, and a fan was placed underneath the carpet to dry it out.

“Initially they should have torn up the carpet," said Mazola.

She says her apartment is still wet and argues management was slow to respond to the problem including offering alternate living arrangements.
“Initially they should have been coming to our doors and saying were putting you up in a hotel for the night we had to beg them for that,” she said.

“The track lighting, there's water stained all around the track lighting,” said Amy Loscko who lives upstairs.

Loscko's third floor apartment is where the problems began when the sprinkler system broke in her closet. She fears mold has already entered the apartment.

“I had an independent contractor tell me it's ripe for mold", Loscko said. “I don't know if it's safe to be here," she said.

Management says it's working as fast as it can to clean up the mess. The company says anyone who chooses to break their lease and move out will pay what they owe.

Approximately 30 of the 685 apartment at the Quarry were impacted by broken pipes.

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