North Columbus Play Raises Curtain On Hidden Crime

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“She's messing with the family and we're taking her down. That's it. And that's why we didn't tell you about this,” says the actress.

They are victims of crime who rarely report their trouble to police.

Actors are playing homeless women in a play entitled: Carrying A Stick.

They're telling the story of what it's like to be female, without shelter and desperate to avoid being attacked.

“So we wanted to share with the audience out there, the real life of what women go through - if you will - in this particular part of the community,” said Kwodwo Ababio, Producer.

The play's producer, Linden-area restaurant owner Kwodwo Ababio, has fashioned a story about a group of women living in an abandoned house while dealing with mental health problems and drug addiction.

“Next time when I do come back, I want to be a butterfly and you can stay out of my life and let me live or die the way I choose,” the dialogue continues.

"Carrying A Stick" depicts the lives of women who've been victims of tragedies including domestic violence, abandonment and rejection by their own families.

“God don't make ugly flowers, God don't make ugly trees.”

Ababio says his North Columbus neighborhood has hundreds of abandoned homes where homeless women with these burdens try to hide out.

“You see a woman walking around at 12 or 2 o'clock in the morning she's probably doing something she's not supposed to be doing, and at the same time, she might be out trying to find shelter. It's a huge problem, not only in the Linden area but throughout Central Ohio,” added Ababio.

His advice to women actually living the life he's produced for the stage is to find a real homeless shelter. Don't expose yourself to the dangers of an abandoned building. And, seek out the social service agencies offering help.

"Carrying A Stick" is being performed on weekends this month at the New Harvest Café and Urban Arts Center on Arlington Avenue in Linden.