North Columbus Home Nearly Destroyed After Truck Slams Into It

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A north Columbus family is horrified by the amount of damage done to their home after a truck slammed into it Tuesday night.

10TV spoke with the owner who says - in a split-second - her 35 years of living in the home may be over.

Susan Bateman is still trying to comprehend what happened to her Fern Avenue home.  “Can’t believe it.  It’s unbelievable.”

Susan was asleep around 2 a.m. Wednesday when a truck hit her neighbor’s car, sending it flying into her house.

“It sounded like a train was running.  And then all of the sudden, a big boom, and things were falling,” Bateman recalls.

What Susan didn't realize was how hard the impact was from the truck and the damage that it caused to the house. The impact pushed the house nearly two feet off its foundation.  It also caused the walls to crack and bow.  It even pushed the front porch and house in two different directions.

Meanwhile, the driver of the truck took off after the impact.  However, there was visible damage on the front windshield, indicating a possible serious injury.  Police believe they know who was behind the wheel of the truck, and they're still searching for him. 

For Susan Bateman, she is shocked that this one crash has caused so much damage.   She's lived in the house for 35 years, but now she may be forced to demolish her home. 

“I think it’s a goner.  I think I’m homeless.”