North Columbus Businesses Left With A Mess After Smash And Grabs


Three North Columbus businesses are left to clean up after burglars smashed their way into their stores.

It happened Friday night on Sancus Boulevard.

The crooks used a big chunk of concrete to break into the stores.

They left behind a large amount of damage before leaving with the stores’ cash.

"They actually ripped the entire cash wrap completely out of the wall," said Games Workshop manager, Josh Heskett.  "It was very frustrating more so just because of the time and the expense involved in repairing the window, new equipment, trying to get that overnighted, stuff like that.  Just trying to get back open again."

The burglars also smashed into J. Gumbo’s next door and stole money.

Down the street, Eric Risley, who just opened Little Lebanon Bakery on Tuesday, also found a chunk of concrete after the burglars used it to smash into his bakery.

"(They) completely destroyed the cash box. The countertop's damaged. They kicked out one of the legs and tried to use that to beat it open," Risley said.

The crooks were unable to get to the cash drawer and left empty-handed.

“I'm glad nobody was actually at the store when it happened," Risley said.

There is no word on any arrests.

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