The Noah Project Rebuilds Foreclosed Homes In Galion

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A local non­-profit works to reha­bil­i­tate vacant houses and then sell them below mar­ket value.

The Noah Faith Project in Galion takes vacant homes, strips them, and rebuilds them for families in need.

Su Rowles with the Noah Faith Projected said she's made it her personal mission to save as many of the 400 foreclosed properties in the city as she can.

Rowles said the project they're working on right now was started because of private donations.

"Thanks to a kind couple, they provided funding to start this particular project" said Rowles.

Rowles told 10TV News that even though the homes are gutted, not everything goes to waste.

Things like toilets, bathroom tile, even light fixtures are salvaged and resold.

Habitat for Humanity takes these items from the owners, and the owner gets a tax write-off for the items.

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