No Evidence of Shooting After Report Of Shots Fired At Ohio University

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Ohio University police did not discover any evidence of a shooting on cam,pus after a man's 911 call reporting a shooting.

Just after 3 p.m., the official Ohio University Twitter account stated an investigation was underway into a possible shooting at Gamertsfelder Residence Hall.

The, roughly, 200 students who live at Gamertsfelder Hallwere told to leave while police searched.

"I didn't think anything of it at first but then I saw kids in my program walking up the street and they were like freaking out so I then got kind of anxious," said Melanie Yachinski.

About an hour later, the school said no evidence of a shooting was discovered at the residence hall.  An expanded search of the East Green also turned up no clues of a shooting.

Ohio University police, Athens police and troopers with the Ohio Highway Patrol said the search was prompted by a call from Brown County.

An employee in the Brown County emergency services office took a call from a man who identified himself as John Jackson.   The man told authorities he was off his meds and that he shot his mother and she was bleeding to death and he needed help.

The caller said he was at Gamertsfelder Hall.

Ohio University Police say they searched for a John Jackson, but didn't locate anyone believed to be involved in this incident.

Investigators said their focus now is finding where that call came from and who was on the other line.

Students can be alerted of future emergencies by going to their my OHIO student center.  Students can then enter multiple phone numbers under "personal information" to receive the emergency alerts.  A valid OU ID is needed to sign up for the messages.