N.J. Gov. Christie Talks Romney Campaign With 10TV

N.J. Gov. Christie Talks Romney Campaign With 10TV
N.J. Gov. Christie Talks Romney Campaign With 10TV

Republican candidate Mitt Romney spent Tuesday evening in northeast Ohio, joining New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie at a rally in Cuyahoga Falls. It was one of several expected Ohio stops for the Republican this week.

Christie sat down for an exclusive interview with 10TV before the rally, which drew a crowd estimated at 12,000 people.

“The people of the United States are ready to fire Barack Obama,” Christe said. “What they wanted to know was, ‘Can Mitt Romney be president?’ And the fact is, they watched-- they had the chance for the first time to sit and watch these two guys on the stage right next to each other and make the direct comparison.”

When asked if there was a scenario where he thought Romney could win the White House without winning Ohio, Christie said it was possible.

“Sure, there’s a scenario,” Christie said. “But it’s a very difficult one. It would be much better if we won Ohio and I think we’re going to win Ohio, but it’s not going to come without great effort.”

To that end, Romney made his pitch to Ohio voters.

“In my view, we have a moral responsibility to stop spending more money than we take in and passing on those debts to our kids,” Romney said.

At the heart of Romney’s message was the economy. The former Massachusetts governor promised to create 12 million jobs.

“The soul of America is at stake. This is a time we have to come together to take back America,” Romney said. “We're going to do it, Ohio is going to elect me the next president of the united states. and we'll do it together."

Romney’s Tuesday visits came on the final day of voter registration in Ohio and as Obama campaigned at The Ohio State University campus with Will.I.Am.

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