Newlywed Same-Sex Couples Want Out-Of-State Marriages Recognized In Ohio


Two same-sex couples from Central Ohio journeyed out of state to get married Saturday and returned with hopes of their union being recognized in Ohio.

Two couples made the quick decision to take their vows after a federal judge said he will require Ohio to recognize same-sex marriages from other states.

While Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said he will appeal the judge's decision, that didn't stop the couples from seizing the moment and each other's hand in marriage.

The couples, Chelsea Bolyard and Cara Blessing and Jennifer Lape and Leah Kaiser, now have their marriage certificates from the state of Illinois after a 12 hour whirlwind trip.

“It's been a pretty amazing past few hours,” said Blessing.

These two couples had just met a week ago.  Now they are now lifelong friends brought together by the idea of Rick Neal and Tom Grote.

“We thought, now people can get federal benefits if they leave the state to get married.  So, you know, maybe there's a way we can help make that happen,” said Neal.

Neal and Grote know first-hand what it took to get married out of state and the struggles faced by not being recognized by the state.

They remain hopeful following recent court decisions and want others to share in their same joy.

“It's great to be able to show it can be done,” said Neal.

Neal and Grote were there as the two couples tied the knot.

“It was much more powerful than I thought it'd be. They were all crying,” said Grote.

“We both cried during the ceremony, but it was just because it's happening finally. We didn't know how it was going to happen,” said Blessing.

“The understanding of what it feels like to be married, feels different. I don’t know how love could feel any more than I felt it 48 hours ago,” said Bolyard.

“We felt a really big sense of community, wanting to do it together and it was really special,” said Lape.

The couples said they are still enjoying the excitement of being newlyweds despite the legal battle that they sense is coming on Monday.