Newark Police Officer Fired After Allegedly Threatening FedEx Drivers

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A Newark police officer was fired on Thursday after being accused of attempting to intimidate a FedEx driver.

Newark Mayor Jeff Hall called a news conference about Bobby Hartless, who was accused of making a threatening phone call to FedEx on Jan. 3 after missing the delivery of an iPhone, 10TV’s Glenn McEntyre reported.

According to the report, Hartless, 37, was attempting to have the driver return to his home. The report stated that Hartless told the FedEx operator that if he did not receive his package, all FedEx drivers would be in trouble.

The FedEx operator reported the threat. When a FedEx supervisor contacted Hartless, he allegedly said that he would take care of the situation and that “every driver will regret it.”

Hartless was also accused of telling the FedEx supervisor that if any of her delivery drivers got into an accident or stopped for speeding in Newark, he would make sure they would receive tickets, according to the report.

Hall said on Thursday that all the incidents surrounding Hartless led to his decision.

“He has had too many strikes and we’re beyond that,” Hall said. “This organization is about professionalism and we demand professionalism throughout all our employees and all our departments. Mr. Hartless has chosen to not follow that track, so we certainly had to address that.”

Hartless, who is a member of the police union, is entitled to an appeal process, but officials said they did not know if Hartless would pursue the process.

Newark Police Chief Steve Sarver said that Hartless comes to work and does his job each day but said his record was troubling.

“This is a pattern of misconduct off the job, but each and every time he does it, we get dragged into it,” Sarver said. “He represents us, and we have a code of ethics, and we have values and rules that we adhere to, and this is not the kind of behavior that we want our employees engaging in.”

An internal investigation at the city of Newark Division of Police found Hartless guilty of four separate allegations and violating multiple policies, including the department’s code of ethics and professional standards, McEntyre reported.

Hartless had been disciplined by the Newark Division of Police before. In 2011, he was disciplined for allegedly engaging in an “ill-advised” police pursuit and suspended in 2010 after being charged with disorderly conduct while allegedly disciplining his daughter.

Hartless was also suspended in 2009 for allegedly leaving the scene of a crash where he later admitted he was drunk, 10TV News reported.

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