Newark Parents Want Answers After Son Hit With Baseball Bat


An incident at a little league field leaves a young boy with a serious head wound and his parents wondering why there's no punishment for the boy who did it.

"I mean, the kid could have killed him," Sarah Avery said.

Her son, Andrew Avery, is left with a stitched up gash and good sized lump after an encounter at little league.

"It busted through the top layer of tissue but also the underlying tissue," Sarah said. "Deep enough so you could see into his forehead."

The shy 6-year-old will only say this.

"I got hit with a baseball bat,"  Andrew said.

But his parents have no problem talking about it. Andrew's dad was umping a game and training his older son. Andrew was playing nearby with some boys. One boy took his glove and bat.

"Told the boy to give him his bat back and the boy got mad, swung the bat and knocked him in the forehead,"  Sarah said.

"Once we got to the hospital and I seen the severity of his wound, I kind of lost it and was like, this is serious,"  said Craig Avery, Andrew's dad.

Sarah and Craig filed an incident report with police and talked to the park director but say nothing's being done.

"If a child is doing something that violent to another child at that age, then there need to be serious consequences because he needs to understand how bad it could have been," Sarah said.

Sarah did text with the other mom. Sarah says she was apologetic but claimed it was an accident.

"The ER physician told us that he had to have hit him with extreme force for it to be that deep of an injury," Sarah said.

The park director says no action will be taken against the boy. Park officials remind parents to watch their kids closely and not allow any bats to be swung outside of games and practices.  Craig is a long-time volunteer at the park and is a little disappointed at the message this is sending to the players.

"We try to teach the kids down at the park that doing things like that, those are the things that can happen," Craig said.

10TV called the mom of the other boy involved. She did not return our call.