New Year Greets Central Ohioans With Cold Temps, Snow Cover

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Wednesday was the first day back to work for many Central Ohioans since before the holiday season.

The bitter cold made for a busy morning for AAA.

“As soon as we got rolling, it was batteries right off the bat. I think everybody is, the cold snap has really done it. And when it gets so cold and people come out and they hear the ‘click’ they know that pretty much, that's it,” said David England, AAA Battery Technician.

On a typical day, AAA of Central Ohio fields 1,200 to 1,400 calls. On Wednesday they received 1,200 calls by noon.

Car washing businesses were also especially busy. Drivers were lining up to try to remove what Mother Nature and salt trucks laid down.

It was business as usual for people who work outside which includes mail carriers who had to risk icy sidewalks along their routes.

Ice-covered roads and side streets are posing a problem for people and animals alike.

The Capital Area Humane Society said if your dog is outside for any length of time beyond a bathroom break, he or she needs to have access to a dog house with straw.

With temperatures this cold, they say pets should preferably be inside with their owners.

Housing experts warn that faucets should be left on a slow drip to avoid frozen pipes and the heat should be left on.

The bitterly cold temperatures are already taking a toll on the homeless. The Faith Mission Shelter in downtown Columbus is already over capacity by 52 men and ten women.

“So, it just means moving people in closer together. We set up some bunk beds in the men's shelter, moved the beds in. Less space for people, but people are inside, they're warm. They're getting the services they need,” said Sue Villilo, Executive Director of the mission.

In some areas, the snow has pushed up along sidewalks next to fire hydrants.

Firefighters say as long as they can reach the top of a hydrant, that doesn't pose a problem. They conduct routine winter inspections now through April.

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