New Video Shows Attempted Child Abduction Suspect


Debbie Presley knows just how close her grandson came to danger. "Very lucky that nothing did happen to him," she said.

Her grandson, Joey Daniels, 11, was on his way to school Thursday morning.

"I was walking out to my bus stop, and the guy was walking down the street," Daniels said. "I'd never seen him before."

Daniels said he was walking alone and was about halfway to his bus stop when the man came up behind him.

"He like grabbed me right here and squeezed and pulled me back to him," he said.

Presley said a neighbor came out of his house about the same time.

"So I think that startled him, and there was other kids coming from another street to catch the bus," she said. "He let go of Joey and took off running down Idella."

A neighbor's security camera caught a glimpse of a person, who police are calling a possible suspect, leaving the scene.

Daniels said the man had his face covered, so he couldn't get a good look at him.

"We're taking him to the bus stop, picking him up from the bus stop," Presley said. "And a lot of the neighbors have come over and talked to us, and I know they're being very watchful of their children too."

Columbus Police are investigating. Daniels' school, Galloway Ridge Intermediate, alerted parents through phone calls.

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