New Video Released Of 12-Year-Old Leading Police On Chase


A 12-year-old is being charged with stealing three cars and leading police on a chase.

Police have now released the dash cam video to show just why it was so dangerous.

At the scene of his capture, there were more cruisers than there were candles on his last birthday cake.

Police call him a one-boy crime wave, responsible for three vehicle thefts and a pursuit that stretched three counties.

It's safe to say Sugarcreek Ohio hasn't seen a police chase like this one.

“You look through the back window of the truck, you don't even see a driver. It's just like a ghost driving the vehicle. There's nobody there,” said police chief Kevin Kaser.

Kaser said that's because the driver of this truck was could barely see over the wheel.

“They told us the runaway juvenile was 12 years old,” he said." "He's 12-years-old! I mean, you're talking elementary school!"

But after running from his home in Wayne County and stealing his parents van, he stole a second vehicle to travel to Tuscarawas County. He ditched it and took a third vehicle, according to police.

Authorities spotted him in Holmes County and chased him into Coshocton County.

The stolen pickup can be seen in the video speeding straight for two cruisers getting into position to block him. The driver shows no fear as he slips between them.

“Obviously he's taken the initiative at this point, he's not going to stop for anything without some type of use of force,” said Kaser.

A deputy throws down stop spikes has to run to avoid being hit by the truck.

Kaser said the chase reached speeds of 60 to 65 miles an hour, sometimes through 35 mile an hour zones.

The chase came to an end in Coshocton County,

Spike strips across state Route 93 causes the truck spins out of control into a field. A deputy and his K9 chase after the youth and arrested the driver whose nerve far exceeded his reach.

The 12-year-old is in juvenile detention, facing charges including grand theft and felony fleeing and eluding.

His father tells police the night before the teen ran away, he had been watching videos online of police chases.

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