New Safety Measures Planned For Roads In Polaris Area

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Gemini Place sees its share of traffic, but people who live in one condo community say an intersection along that stretch of road is deadly.

They are talking about the intersection at Gemini Place and Polaris Lake Drive.

The intersection was the site of a deadly accident in April 2013.

According to the traffic crash report, one car was attempting to enter on Gemini Place from Polaris Lake Drive. That car collided with a second car travelling westbound on Gemini Place.

Theresa Myers says the car on Polaris Lake Drive was coming from her condo community, and two people in the car were the parents of one of her neighbors.

The driver in that car was killed. 

"It was unfortunate that we lost a member of this community back here,” said Theresa Myers “We are very passionate about this light."

Theresa Myers lives at the Lakes at Polaris Condominiums and serves on its board of Directors.

Myers says she, and her neighbors, started the push for a traffic light after they noticed cars used Gemini Place to bypass Polaris Parkway and ignored the speed limit.

“If you go 35 down that street, you're being passed left and right, by people going - 45, 50 and even faster,” said Myers

After the fatal crash last year, Myers says residents stepped up their efforts.

Since then the city of Columbus has approved installing a traffic signal at the intersection but Village Communities, the company that owns the property, must install it.

Myers says she and her neighbors want to know where things stand.

Village Communites tells 10TV its subsidiary, Metro Development, is working on this effort.

The company issued the following statement:

Metro Development had made an application to the Director of Public Service of the City of Columbus, for permission to construct the improvement of Gemini Place @ Polaris Lake Drive Traffic Signal.  The Director of Public Service of the City of Columbus has granted this permission.  Metro Development and other area business who have a vested interest in this traffic signal and are working out the final documents for funding of this project.   Metro Development has contracted with the Traffic Signal Installer and materials have been ordered.  Some of these materials have a long lead time and are just now showing up in the installers yard.  Work due to start shortly.

----Joe Thomas, General Manager

Myers says she hopes this means they will see a light at the intersection soon.

"It's just another accident waiting to happen at some point. We are just waiting for the next fatality,” said Myers.