New Race Track Plan Revealed At Old Cooper Stadium

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Arshot Investment Corp. revealed a new plan to build a race track at the old Cooper Stadium Tuesday.

The company's plan included a "good neighbor agreement," which limits noise levels and encourages local growth, in a plan that could be enforceable by the city, 10TV's Danielle Elias reported.

People who attended a public hearing were both for and against the idea.

SLIDESHOW:  Images Of Old Cooper Stadium, Proposed Park

"The issue is we are creating a public nuisance where none currently exists," said Jerome Smith, who was against the track.

"To go from nothing to something is a step in the right direction, especially for this side of town," said Helen Noltemeyer, who was for the track. "While I am concerned about noise, I'm excited about Arshot's willingness to invest millions into a sound wall, I believe the wall, as well as the educational facility; will bring national recognition to Columbus."

The track would cost the Arshot Investment Corporation $30-$40 million, and could create up to 300 jobs, Elias reported.

Former Columbus mayor Greg Lashutka said that his German Village neighbors and Columbus Metro Parks will suffer.

"A proposed development, such as the Cooper Park race facility, threatens the core values of the village," Lashutka said.

Columbus City Council members will have to decide whether or not to change the zoning of the stadium to commercial, Elias reported. They will vote on zoning on Monday.

If zoning is approved, Arshot's final step is to apply for a permit, which would be the last time the public can weigh in, Elias reported.

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