New Push to Legalize Pot in Ohio

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State Representative Bog Hagan says the time has come to legalize marijuana in Ohio.

Hagan says in the coming weeks, he plans to introduce a bill to make marijuana legal in the Buckeye state. The Youngtown Democrat says he's tired of watching people suffer who would otherwise benefit from the medical marijuana.

Hagan also says the United States has lost the war on marijuana.  

"You know what the social costs really are? Billions and Billions of dollars we've spent on the war on drugs that has failed," Hagan said.

Critics say Hagan's plan would be really risky.

"In law enforcement, I am totally against the legalization of weed. I am also totally against the medical use of weed," said an undercover detective with the Franklin County Sheriff's drug task force.   

"And they're a heroin user...and when we interview them, we ask: ‘How did you get involved with heroin.’ And one of the first things they almost always say is, 'Well I was high on weed one night,'" the detective said. "'I let my guard down and I decided, yeah, I will go ahead and try heroin.'"

The detective says high school kids can get marijuana more readily than alcohol.

10 Investigates found this video posted online. The people on the video openly smoke marijuana-- one of them even gives his Columbus address.

The detective says there's something else adding to the tide of marijuana in Ohio. He says marijuana is flowing from the north—Michigan; that’s where it is legal for patients with a medical marijuana card.    

10 Investigates took a road trip to a marijuana convention in the Wolverine state. We found people using medical cards to get pot for pain.

Hagan says he wants to legalize marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes.

"I believe very strongly," Hagan said. "(That) people should have that opportunity."

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