New Possible Tornado Touchdown Spotted In Central Ohio


So far, the National Weather Service confirms four tornadoes touched down in Ohio during Thursday's storms.

Thanks to an alert 10TV viewer, another possible tornado touchdown near Hebron in Licking County is being evaluated right now.

“This is twisted counterclockwise. This is the inside of the tree. You look at the outside; you don't think anything is wrong. That tree was twisted,” said Licking County resident, Pat West, while observing the trees knocked down in her yard.

After surveying the area, the National Weather Service determined that an EF1 tornado touched down along a portion of Lancaster Road in Licking County, with winds topping 95 miles-per-hour.

“It pulled my kitchen window open. This is one o'clock in the morning. I thought - the door blew open? And I walked out in the kitchen and here's a funnel of leaves coming through the kitchen window,” said West.

Incredibly, Pat West says that not a single one of the massive trees that fell hit her house.

“That's where the trunks hit. So that's what, 10-12 feet up in the air. They were airborne when they came across there.  There's only one thing that's going to make them airborne and that's 80 miles an hour or more, and snapped them off.  And those are healthy trees,” said West.

Approximately a mile east of West’s home, strong winds also uprooted dozens of trees on another property.

“Well, this is the first we've ever been thru something like this,” said Licking County resident Vivian Stewart.

At the first sign of the storm, Stewart says she and her husband grabbed their dog and ran for cover in their basement.

“We heard a roar and we felt the house move, but we didn't hear any trees falling.  Didn't hear any of that. Just the roar,” said Stewart.

Stewart says they weren't sure of the damage, until they emerged in the daylight.  They said more than 30 trees were uprooted, the roof off their barn was ripped off, and several trees landed on their fencing, causing them to buckle.

Despite the damage, they said they are thankful they made it out alive.

“The amount of damage. We just couldn't believe it,” said Stewart.

10TV alerted the Licking County EMA director of the damage to the Stewart's property.

He checked out the property Saturday afternoon and believes the same tornado that touched down along Lancaster Road, also touched down along Canyon Road.

The county EMA director says he is now waiting for the National Weather Service to verify his assessment.