New Library Program Helps Children Get Ready For Kindergarten

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A new program at the Columbus Metropolitan Library is helping parents send children to school for the first time.

The program, launched at the Karl Road branch of the library, is designed to teach children what it’s like to be in school – before ever getting there.

The area is called the Kindergarten Readiness Zone.

“That transition from home to school can be a tough transition,” said Tony Howard, the service area manager at the library. “So, this is a way to make that transition less scary.”

The readiness zone is a pilot program that’s meant to help both children and parents.

It’s a learning station based on everything in a normal kindergarten classroom.

Children are taught everything from how to use a SMART Board to how to sit and listen to a teacher.

“We have a math center, a science center, a literacy center, a creative dramatic center,” Howard said. “Along with learning the rules in a school room, the kids also learn the rules on the school bus.”

A model of a bus is featured in the Kindergarten Readiness Road.

Amy Milner said that while her daughter, Rebecca, has already make the transition, it would have been a helpful tool.

“I know a lot of kids who’ve never been in a classroom situation have a hard time trying to adjust to actually sitting still and working on something at their desk,” Milner said. “So, I think it’s great, a great transition.”

The program makes turning the next page in the book of life just a little easier.

“She was right where she was supposed to be,” Milner said.

The free program is open to the public and goes on all year.

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