New Information Revealed In The Beating Death Of A Morrow County Man

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10TV has uncovered new information on a dramatic courtroom accusation involving the 2011 beating death of a Morrow County man.

Last week Cory Kelly, the defendant who admitted killing Joe Rosella, testified that Rosella's fiancée had asked him to do it.

In the wake of that allegation, 10tv is taking a closer look at the case.

48-year-old Joe Rosella lived for his music.

He'd transformed his garage into his own private club.  A place where he could turn up the volume as loud as he liked.  "That was the place he hung out,” said Rosella’s neighbor John Purnell in a 2011 interview with 10TV.  “He was there constantly just listening to music, if he wasn't playing music. And most of the time he was playing music."

It's the place Cory Kelly now admits he beat Rosella to death.

But in stunning accusation under questioning from the Morrow County prosecutor last week, Kelly said he wasn't the only one involved.

"Deborah Wilson has told the Sheriff's Department that when she got home, the door was locked to the garage where he was,” said Morrow County Prosecutor Charles Howland. 

"The problem is when the Sheriff's Office arrives the next morning, there's no sign of a forced entry into the garage where Joe Rosella was killed. How did you gain entry into the garage?”

“Deborah Wilson," answered Kelly.

Deborah Wilson was Joe Rosella's girlfriend of more than 20 years, and the mother of his children.  Relatives call her his common-law wife.

Wilson is the one who found Rosella dead and made this never-before-broadcast 911 call:

            "I don't know what's wrong with him.  He won't move,” she told the operator.  

            “Is he alive?” the operator asked.

            “I don't know," Wilson answered. "Something's not right.”

             “Okay. Is he cold to the touch?” the operator asked.

             “I don't want to touch him. Something's not right," Wilson answered.


But Kelly says it was Wilson who set Rosella's death in motion.

"I was asked to come over there and 'take care' of him,” Kelly testified.

“Who said that to you?” asked Howland.

“Deborah Wilson," Kelly answered.

The Morrow County Prosecutor says Deborah Wilson has been a "person of interest" from the start.

When 10tv spoke with her last week, she made no denials.

"Your reaction to what Mr. Kelly said?” she was asked by 10TV reporter Glenn McEntyre.

 “No comment, no comment,” she answered.

 “He says you asked him to kill your husband,” McEntyre asked.

 “No comment,” she again answered.

 “Is that true?” he asked.

“No comment," Wilson answered.

The Morrow County Sheriff and Prosecutor say they are reviewing their investigation based on Kelly's allegation.

Devon Strader has been jailed for more than two and a half years on Complicity to Aggravated Murder charges related to Rosella's death, but has not yet gone to trial.

Kelly says Strader was there, but played no role in the killing.

Last week Kelly received a 14 year prison sentence.



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