New Information Released About Man Accused Of Trolling Bike Paths, Exposing Himself


Police said that they caught a man accused of trolling the bike paths and parks of Downtown Columbus and exposing himself to unsuspecting women.

Police arrested Paul James Donahue Monday afternoon after a witness said that he saw Donahue, 43, naked on his bicycle riding past a woman at Northbank Park.

Columbus's Downtown Parks and Trails have become a destination for families like Crystal Brennan's.

"I like to go to parks where I can safely bring my children and I don't have to have somebody else with me," Brennan said.

In recent months, women walking and biking along the Scioto River have been targeted by a bicyclist baring it all. It happened to Brandy Pinto in August.

"I look at my co-worker and I'm like, 'Is this person naked?'" Pinto said. "He didn't really make eye contact. I glanced out of the corner of my eye and he was smirking, so he knows what he's doing."

Columbus Police Sergeant Terry McConnell said that the biker would first ride by clothed.

"He would ride by and spot his target and then he would allow himself a time distance where he could disrobe, then ride back," McConnell said.

What victims did not know is that the bicyclist, who wore only a headband and tennis shoes, was capturing the moment. Inside the headband was a tiny camera.

Investigators said that the bicyclist would submit footage to voyeur websites.

Donahue was being held at the Franklin County jail charged with one count of public indecency. He has a prior conviction on that same charge from 1997.

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