New Information About 2 Murdered Columbus Children

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New information in the deaths of two Columbus children killed in Israel, reportedly by their father.

Levy will be back in court Thursday. Israeli journalist Maya Aiden has been covering the story from the beginning. She spoke with 10TV about what she's learned.

"You just can't imagine what they were going through and if they understood what was happening," said Aiden.

The deaths of Sara and Yishai Levy have hit hard for Aiden, from the moment she responded to the small home near Tel Aviv where they were killed to the funerals back here at their Columbus Temple. Their father, Avi Levy, told police he stabbed them to death.

"Since he arrived to the police station and said 'I killed them' and he confessed, since that night, he's not willing to talk to police, he's not willing to talk to his lawyer," Aiden said.

Sara and Yishai were students at the Columbus Torah Academy, but Aiden learned more of their back story. Their father lived in the U.S. when he was younger. He met their mother, Karen, but couldn't stay here legally so he headed back to Israel and Karen followed.

"Shortly after they were married and the babies were born, as she says, the violence came out," said Aiden.

A bitter divorce ensued. Karen took the kids back to the U.S. Her friends tell Aiden she was uneasy sending them on this latest trip.

"She knew it was important for them to be in contact with him so she put her fear aside," said Aiden.

Aiden has spoken with Avi's family who says they knew he wasn't happy about the kids living in the U.S. but they never imagined this.

"He was in bad shape mentally, but again, they say they didn't realize that he could do something like that," said Aiden.

Aiden says the murders happened after a big family celebration at Avi's parents home. The family is so devastated, they destroyed the house where the children died.