New Franklin Co. Deputy Contract Calls For Hiring Of Civilian Employees, Full-Time SWAT


Members of the union representing Franklin County Sheriff deputies have agreed to a new contract that allows for civilian employees in county jails and adds deputies to the workforce.

Sheriff Zach Scott said that voting over the weekend was tabulated and the contract was approved Monday morning.

The contract gives deputies a 2.5 percent pay raise retroactive to the first year.

It also gives pay increases of 2.75 percent and 3 percent in each of the next two years, says the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

Scott said it’s the first time since collective bargaining began in the sheriff’s office in 1983 that a contract was approved without going to a third-party arbitrator.

He admits there were some bumps in negotiating the contract but says the key difference was the level of communication among his office, the union and the Franklin County Commissioners.

The deputies also approved three memorandums of understanding with the sheriff’s office.

One memorandum allows for some duties to be taken over by to-be-hired civilian employees.

These duties include such things as answering phones, data entry, bookkeeping, mail delivery, laundry and recreation. These duties were previously performed by deputies.

Another memorandum agrees to create a 17-member full-time SWAT unit and hire 18 deputies who will oversee the county’s civilian court-security officers.

The court-security officers will soon become part of the sheriff’s office.

Scott said the contract and memorandums will result in a new gain of both deputies and civilians working in his office.

This gain was recommended by a consultant’s management study of the sheriff’s office that was completed earlier this year.

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