New Father's Murder Unsolved

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A new plea to solve Bexley's first murder in years. The case has gone cold, but the victim's family is not giving up.

18 year old Rudy Calmese, Junior was found shot to death January 23 near Delmar Drive and Stanwood Road in Bexley.

Rudy Calmese had just become a father when he was shot to death.

"Knowing Rudy won't be here when he grows up, it breaks my heart," said girlfriend Deja Wilson.

Wilson grieves and Rudy's mother, Moneka Davila, is heartbroken.

"It was very senseless. Rudy didn't deserve this, he didn't deserve it," said Davila.

Calmese had asked to leave his job at Jet's pizza early that night. A very short time later, he was found by two passers-by. Detectives say he was shot at close range in his car. He wound up lying in the snow. The car was still in drive.

"As soon as I looked out the window, the Columbus Police pulled up. My heart just dropped," said Wilson.

She had talked to Calmese earlier in the day.

When I talked to him, he sounded like he was nervous about something but he never told me anything," said Wilson.

Police can't figure out who Calmese shared his plans with and, they say, that's the missing piece. They don't know who he was meeting that night.

Detectives and Calmese's family say he had been briefly involved in a credit card fraud case. Police can't interview certain people until the federal investigation is done and no one is certain if that has anything to do with his murder.

"Rudy was staying at home. He was doing what he was supposed to be doing. He stepped up to the plate of being a great father," said Davila.

Moneka says her son was back in school with aspirations of college because he realized he had a family to take care of.

"They took a lot from us, a lot," said Davila. "Whatever transpired that night, it wasn't worth this individual taking Rudy's life."

If you have any information regarding Rudy Calmese's death, contact Bexley Police at (614) 239-8881.