New Effort To Find Missing Westerville Father


The family of a missing Westerville father is working with a private search and rescue team to find him.
James Martin, 38, disappeared more than two weeks ago.
"It's like a hand came down and plucked him and his car off the planet," said Mike Martin.
There's simply no clues as to what happened to Martin's brother who he calls Jamie.
"We want answers. Whether those answers are good or bad, we just want answers. We're not so interested in what happened to him, just where he is," said Martin.
Jamie Martin was last seen at The Dug Out in Pataskala on January third. It's down the street from Ohio Steel where he works. He'd gone with a co-worker but left alone. He texted his mom earlier to say he was staying at a friend's, then he vanished.
"No cell phone activity, no bank activity, no internet activity, no ebay activity, no activity whatsoever," said Martin.
Police don't know what happened to Martin. Martin's family has flooded social media asking for help. A private, volunteer search team saw a post and offered to help.
"From what I understand, they're doing a grid search," said Martin.
The group wants to keep the specifics of the search for Jamie private, but told 10TV they have access to specialized technology. Martin's family is searching also. They've scoured the Hoover Reservoir, the only body of water between the bar and Jamie's home.
"I'm keeping a watchful eye on the parking lots, keeping a watchful eye on the sides of the road, looking at under bridges," said Martin.
Martin's disappearance has been a jolt to the family. He's a father, a son, an uncle and a brother.
"We hung out a lot. We miss him. I miss him," Martin said.
The sudden and utter silence is getting to them all.
"It's really heartbreaking and it's hard to stay hopeful," said Martin.
Jamie Martin drives a 1994 dark green Honda Accord with Ohio license plate GCA 4498. His vehicle is also missing.